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Canggu Surf Report

Canggu Surf Report


Canggu has three spots:
Echo Beach: A Left-Hander ledge in front of the warungs. It can be mellow at high tide but it’s a really heavy double-up wave when it’s mid tide and the swell is between 3-5ft. At low tide it is very shallow and the waves is too fast.

Sand Bar: A beach break that breaks better at low tide coming up; the local’s favorite wave. The Left-hander that breaks at the peak is the better and longer wave with barrels and long walls to be ripped. Usually very crowded.

Bombies: A ledge out the back; it starts to work when the other to waves are maxed out. Needs at least 6ft waves, but it’s better over 8 ft. It’s a long paddle to get out there and a lot of work when you are there to keep yourself out of the bigger sets.

Source : indosurflife